K Kane Jewelry - Tribe Leather Bracelet
Tribe Leather Bracelet
Tribe Leather Bracelet in Black

Tribe Leather Bracelet

Our colored Leather Bracelets are the perfect way to begin your Tribe Collection! BEADS SOLD SEPARATELY. To add beads to your purchase, please see our CHARMS section and visit the pages for Tribe Engraved Beads, Tribe Birthstone Beads or Tribe Diamond Enamel Beads.
Please note that while our Tribe Beads will last forever, these bracelets are made of faux leather and 10k gold attachments and are designed to be a fun, temporary way to wear your beads. Please take care of them for maximum longevity, and consider purchasing the Tribe Chain Bracelet if you would prefer a more permanent way to wear your beads.
To place your order by phone, please call 646.559.4935.
Ships within 1 week.