Protect Your Magic Pendant

$3,550.00 - $4,490.00

Protect Your Magic Pendant

$3,550.00 - $4,490.00

Protect your magic with our interpretation of the Evil Eye. From afar, the necklace looks like a floating Oval or Marquise Diamond. Up close, 5 prongs along the top of the stone mimic the look of eyelashes.

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Instructions & Details

Oval Version: .78cts, set in 14k Yellow Gold, 14"-16" 14k Yellow Gold Chain.

Marquise Version: .89cts, set in Platinum with Black Rhodium Plated Prongs. 14"-16" Yellow Gold Chain.

Protect Your Magic PendantProtect Your Magic Pendant Protect Your Magic Pendant Protect Your Magic Pendant

Note From The Designer

Diamond Ones was born from my passion for discovering one of a kind, impossible to pass over diamonds. I call it “diamond hunting”! When I come across unusually shaped diamonds, I find that they kind of tell me what they want to be. What other stones they should be matched with, how they should be set, whether they should be earrings, a necklace, etc. Most jewelers design a piece and then source the gemstones to fit their design - this is the opposite process - I find the gemstones first and let them dictate the design.

More About The Collection

Diamond Ones Collection is about one of a kind diamonds, made for one person only. This collection is revolving and limited edition in nature- we'll add pieces to it whenever we come across unique diamonds, and once they sell, they are gone forever! Every piece in this collection has a custom setting that has been handcrafted specifically for the diamond/diamonds it holds. This is a very labor intensive way to make jewelry, but we believe it makes all the difference in the ultimate beauty of the piece. It allows us to minimize the amount of metal we use, and maximize the look of the diamonds. All diamonds used in K Kane pieces come from certified conflict free sources.

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