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The Donate Your Discount Sale was inspired by a random act of kindness. On March 17th, a customer ordered 3 items. After placing her order, she realized that she had a discount code she had forgotten to use, and asked us whether we would be willing to apply it retroactively. 2 of the 3 items she had ordered we had in stock, but one we did not...

At K Kane, we are doing our best to keep our business moving forward while also prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and larger community. At the moment, it is much easier for us to fill orders on pieces that we have in stock. We can still make certain custom pieces as long as our workshops remain open, but they are a bit more complicated and expensive to make right now and thus harder to discount.

We asked the customer whether she would be interested in an alternate (in stock) version of the out of stock piece she had ordered, and told her we would be happy to apply the balance of the coupon to her order. She agreed, but requested that we donate her discount to No Kid Hungry (a charity that we had already committed to helping) instead of crediting it back to her card ❤️❤️😭.

We wanted to put the power of the donation in YOUR hands so that it’s a decision, either way, that sparks joy for you. Maybe what you need most right now is the discount, or maybe you have recently donated to another organization. But maybe you’ll choose to donate your discount, and every time you wear your new K Kane you’ll be reminded of your impact.

The following pieces are available for immediate shipping. Use code DISCOUNT at checkout for 15% off any of them. OR use code DONATE to pay full price and have us donate your 15% discount plus another 5% kindness bonus from us to NO KID HUNGRY.

With love,
Team K Kane