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Thoughtful Design

Expertly & Ethically Crafted

Made For You

Singular Style

Thoughtful Design

Expertly & Ethically Crafted

Made For You

Singular Style

“My Chain Letter Necklace is one of my favorite pieces, and probably gets the most compliments of anything I wear.”

“Engagement rings to swoon over.”

“Personalized necklaces will never go out of style for the celeb mom set - but the one of choice is this cool one with their kids' names spelled by interlinking letters.”

“Worth the splurge. Lavish gifts that leave a lasting impression.”

“Kane developed a number of signature ring styles that use creative coupling to modernize the look, style and feel of a multi-stone ring.”

“The Alphabet Diamonds Collection levels up the initial jewelry trend.”

“A chic rethink of personalised jewellery.”

“Let mom know you put a ton of thought into her gift with matching Chain Letter Necklaces.”

“Only the coolest Hollywood moms swear by K Kane's Chain Letter Necklace.”

“Chain Letter Neons are an affordable piece of fine jewelry you can wear every day.”

“Putting their money where their mouth is in the fight against breast cancer.”

“Highlighting diamonds in new and unique ways.”

“Beyonce may have left her kids at home when she watched game six of the NBA Playoffs, but she lovingly kept them close to her heart with a custom K Kane Chain Letter Necklace.”

“Opulent gifts that show you really care. Nothing says I love you like your name written with gold.”

“The cute necklace that Mila Kunis uses to keep her kids close to her heart.”

“From unique baubles that can be personalized with initials, birthstones and handwritten notes, to layering pieces that celebrate your affection, here are the must haves we promise she'll wear - and love - for years to come.”

Thoughtfully designed and crafted with intention to help you feel your best as you wear our best, every day

Singular Style

No one is you and that is your power. Jewelry to reflect your inimitable beauty.

Expertly & Ethically Crafted

Made in NYC by best in class artisans

Made For You

Handmade to order through a high touch and highly custom process

K Kane Bride

Designed for you with Katherine

Katherine draws from over 16 years in the fine jewelry industry to create exceptional quality engagement rings imbued with singular feminine elegance.

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The Woman Behind it All

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