All About Stackable Rings

All About Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are a great way to add instant glamour and style to your everyday look. Investing in timeless, solid 14k gold rings now means that you will enjoy them for countless years to come. Here’s your guide on everything you need to know about stackable rings!

My personal record was 6 before I stopped being able to bend my knuckle!

What are stackable rings?

Stackable rings are rings worn in multiples on a single finger.

How many rings should you stack?

You can choose whether to stack a bunch of rings on one finger (my personal record was 6 before I stopped being able to bend my knuckle!), or spread smaller stacks of rings across multiple fingers (let’s say 2 rings on one finger, 3 on another). Generally speaking, band style rings are the easiest to stack (meaning they have a consistent width around the full 360 degree diameter of the ring).

How should you style your stackable rings?

Our favorite ways to style stackable rings at K Kane include the following basic principles:

  • 1.) mix your metals!
  • 2.) mix your textures!
  • 3.) integrate accent materials such as diamonds or colored enamel
  • 4.) don’t forget a midi ring!
  • Here’s how to nail each of these styling principles:

    Mixing your metals: To amplify the look of classic band rings, try wearing them in mixed metals! You can opt for yellow gold and white gold (or sterling silver), rose gold and white gold, or a combination of all 3. I find that a mixed metal ring look generally feels more cohesive when one of the featured metals is used twice on that hand – for example, if you are stacking a yellow gold ring and a white gold ring, I would either add a third yellow gold ring to that stack, OR wear another yellow gold ring on a neighboring finger.

    Texture Mixture: We have a joke at K Kane that like a great salad, great jewelry style often includes a texture mixture! This means that we encourage wearing rings of different textures stacked together. Our Graffiti Rings, Fine Friendship Rings and Diamond Stacking Bands look so beautiful layered together because they all have different textures. The smooth nature of our Graffiti Rings offsets the dimensional links of our Fine Friendship Rings which offset the delicate pave of our Diamond Stacking Bands.

    Accent Materials: While you can always opt for a clean all gold or all silver stackable rings look, I recommend incorporating an accent material to make your ring stacks pop! This can be a ring that features diamonds (like our Diamond Stacking Bands or our Diamond Fine Friendship Rings), or a pop of colored enamel (like our Diamond Brites Wrap Ring or our Fine Friendship Rings). Incorporating accent materials into your ring stack will give an added level of sophistication and intrigue to your ring stacks.


    Can you wear a stacking ring by itself?

    If you opt for including uniquely designed rings in your stack, the great news is that they can also stand alone. Because they are so dynamic in and of themselves, our Fine Friendship Rings look incredible worn on their own or within stacks. Our Graffiti Rings also work as both stacking rings and standalone rings given that they already have a lot of impact from the handwritten messages engraved on them.

    Tips & tricks to ring stacking

    One important thing to keep in mind when stacking your rings is that thicker band styles tend to fit tighter than the skinny bands usually found on wedding rings. If you are basing your ring size on a narrow band sizing, you may want to size up for wider bands. This especially tends to be the case on smaller hands/fingers vs. longer fingers. We aren’t sure why but it’s something we see pretty consistently. For our Fine Friendship Rings, if you have shorter fingers we recommend sizing up ½ a size for the Fine Friendship Mid Ring and a full size for the Fine Friendship Wide Ring!

    Can stackable rings be resized?

    If you get your size wrong, all of our stackable rings can be resized slightly larger with the exception of the full Diamond Stacking Band which has diamonds all the way around.

    Whenever possible, opt for solid gold ring stacks or sterling silver ring stacks which will hold their quality over time as you use and wash your hands. Happy Stacking!!!