Alphabet Diamond Pendant

$2,895.00 - $4,895.00

Alphabet Diamond Pendant

$2,895.00 - $4,895.00

You've seen letters with diamonds, but have you ever seen diamonds cut into letters?! This is not your average diamond pendant, nor is it your average letter pendant — the two converge to create something totally unexpected and innovative. Our Alphabet Diamond Pendants are highly special yet highly wearable for the every day.

Diamonds are custom cut to order, just for you. Allow 4-5 weeks for production.

Instructions & Details

"Set in platinum on a solid 14k yellow gold chain, to give the illusion that the diamond is floating on your skin. Chain is 18"" with option to wear at 16"" and 14"".

H+ color, VS-SI clarity, one of a kind beauty."

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Note From The Designer

There are one million letter necklaces with diamonds set into them, but there are no necklaces with letters made out of diamonds, until now. I’ve been dreaming of diamond letters for years, and finally the stars aligned and here we are. Alphabet Diamonds feels like the perfect confluence of luxe and everyday.

More About The Collection

Innovative personalized designs have always been at the forefront of K Kane’s mission. We design and craft exceptional quality pieces that are both highly unexpected and highly wearable every day. Having perfected the art of the floating diamond pendant through our “Be Still My Heart” Pendant, and mastered the personalized necklace with our best selling and celeb-loved Chain Letter Necklace, here we merge the two with floating diamond letters. We start by looking for the right rough diamonds, which have to be a very specific shape to accommodate the letter cutting. Then the roughs have to be carefully examined to see which letter they are best suited for - for example one stone may be better suited to an A and another stone may be better suited to an L. It requires a very experienced team to source, cut and polish these stones. Like our Diamond Ones pieces, Alphabet Diamonds are set in platinum baskets and prongs so that the metal disappears behind the diamond. Each setting is 100% unique to each stone - we can’t use the same setting for two different Ms, for example, because each stone is slightly different. The prongs are carefully shaped and hand filed so that you barely see them. Our goal is that when you see this piece on, you really only see the diamond. All diamonds used in K Kane pieces come from certified conflict free sources.

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