Fine Friendship Huggies

$298.00 - $895.00

Fine Friendship Huggies

$298.00 - $895.00

Born from the links of our Fine Friendship Collection, the Fine Friendship Huggie is a timeless earring that can be paired with anything and everything. A textured, dimensional take on a classic style.

Handmade to order. Ships in 3.5 weeks.

Instructions & Details

Available in solid 10K or 14K Yellow Gold, 14K Rose Gold, and 14k White Gold, as a single earring or a pair.

Fine Friendship HuggiesFine Friendship HuggiesFine Friendship HuggiesFine Friendship HuggiesFine Friendship HuggiesFine Friendship Huggies

Note From The Designer

Friendship bracelets are how I got my start in jewelry! When I was 8, I used to make them and sell them at the end of my driveway. Fine Friendship Collection is a fine jewelry take on this summer favorite, designed to last a lifetime.

More About The Collection

Who doesn't love a friendship bracelet!? We wanted to create one that would transcend seasons and last forever. The first piece in the collection, The Fine Friendship Bracelet, is the most literal interpretation, crafted from solid gold and bright hand painted enamel rather than cotton. The enamel is patterned to mimic the typlical patterns found in cotton friendship bracelet designs. From there we added the Diamond Fine Friendship pieces, which utilize diamonds rather than enamel to form their patterns. We also introduced Classic Fine Friendship pieces, whose classic all gold style celebrates the textured dimension of the links. Ultimately we had a design that was begging to be more than a bracelet, and Fine Friendship Collection now includes rings, earrings, bracelets and a necklace.

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